How to fund your project

Funding your project

There are many different ways to fund your project – and not one size fits all. Most community led housing schemes will need to use a range of finance mechanisms from start up, through design and finally to the build stage and live stage. This can be a complex area and we would advise speaking to a professional from the outset, in order to obtain the correct finance for your project. It is also vital to choose a governance structure that allows the correct type of finance to be secured (for example, in order to do a community share offer, your group must be registered as a Community Benefit Society).

Please talk to us early on in your project in order for us to refer you to a professional advisor for a consultation – we may be able to help fund some of the costs associated with this.

Below is a list of the areas you will need to consider financing. This may look daunting, but there is often grant funding to help with the initial stages and your local authority or Parish Council may also be able to help with these costs:


Initial group stage

  • Development of business plan
  •  Bank account
  •  Incorporation
  •  Housing needs survey
  •  Advisor hours

Finding a site

  • Professional services for viability/layout/drawings etc.
  • Legal costs, stamp duty etc.
  • Purchase of land or cost of drawing up options agreement
  • Planning application
  • Building control
  • Professional services
  • Surveys
  • Media (throughout project)

Build stage

  • Tendering package
  • Development cost
  • Contingency
  • Project management
  • Services/utilities
  • Live stage
  • Upkeep of building
  • Management
  • Sinking funds


A popular method of raising capital comes from Community Shares.

Read our case study from Exelby to find out more or listen to our podcast with Dave Boyle, an expert in Community Shares.