Finding a site

Site stage

There are some key steps that will need to be addressed when you have identified a potential site for your community led housing project.

  • Identifying the type of site required
  • Finding a site
  • Producing a site finding brief
  • Purchase or lease land
  • Investigating the site
  • Securing your site:
    • How to do this
    • Professional services needed for this

Here at the hub we can advise you on all of these steps and signpost you to our professional associates who can help this stage run smoothly. Talk to us to find out more on this stage.

The Government has a list of public land with potential for development.

Individual council Brownfield registers are listed below:


Land for sale which is suitable for housing can also be found at the Self Build Portal.

Listen to Duncan Hayes from the National Custom and Self Build Association talk about the benefits of custom and self-build and how local councils can help provide land.