Don’t Extract, Redistribute! How to Co-Own Your Local Economy

1 & 2 June

Too often the economy is seen as something over which we have no control. Yet around the UK communities are creating the kind of local economies that will make and sustain the places they care about.

Join ‘Don’t Extract, Redistribute! How to Co-Own Your Local Economy’ to hear the stories of community-led initiatives – both long established and newer – and engage with policy leaders and funders perspectives on the next directions for economies that create the homes we need and build community wealth.

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1 June, 7.30-8.45am

40 years of Coin Street, the London community group with a commercial head and social heart 

Coin Street Group Director, Iain Tuckett, on lessons to be learned from a campaign in the 1980s to create a thriving and inclusive community on London’s South Bank, and how embracing commercial opportunities has provided funding to make the area a better place to live, work and play.

2 June, 10.30-11.45am

Local Economic Co-Ownership In Practice

Paul Brannigan, Executive Manager, Calder Valley Community Land Trust, Calder Valley on how responding to local opportunities has pieced together an economic model that is addressing systemic housing inequality.

Rhoda Meek, Founder/Director, Isle Develop CIC, Tiree on how to co-own a local economy heavily shaped by tourism and second homes.

Paul Oster, Mayday Saxonvale, on bringing forward a new community led development model that puts the community in the driving seat, for a significant town centre site in Frome, Somerset.

Natasha Almond, Good Organisation, York on how tourism wealth can be captured and redistributed in a heritage city.

2 June, 12-1.15pm

Policy perspectives: Next directions for Local Economics

Angie Doran, Head of Self-Commissioned Homes, Homes England on how self-commissioned and community-led approaches to housing in mix-used developments can support community wealth building.

Danielle Walker, Friends Provident Foundation on their 4 D Economy Model and how decentralised, democratised, decolonised and decarbonised approached can enable a fair and sustainable economy.

Leah Millthorne, Head of Local Economies, Centre for Local Economic Strategies on the role of public anchor institutions in building community wealth’