Homes begin to take shape for Heron Educational Foundation

The Heron Educational Foundation in East Yorkshire is making great progress with building their new homes. The charity started life over 300 years ago, set up to improve the life of boys and girls in the village of Humbleton. Three centuries later, that In the 21st century, that means new housing and community facilities. So they are creating 6six new homes for affordable rent and a new community and sports facility, and while rejuvenating dilapidated buildings at the same time.

The diggers are in

Work started at the end of November, when the site was cleared and the buildings were marked out. Since then, the contractor has excavated the site, so that the footings have been able to be constructed and brick work as started. Despite the poor weather, the contractor, Struct Eco, has managed to continue working. They even constructed a haul road to access the site, solving the problem of mud on the road caused by the recent rain.

A surface attenuation scheme is currently under construction and should be finished shortly. This will help to keep the site less prone to mud build-up.

Already thinking about who will live in the homes

Although in its early stages, the process of thinking about who will rent the homes has already started. An estate agent, who will look after the rentals, has checked out the site recently to produce valuations for the homes and work out rental values. They are very positive that all the homes built will easily be rented out, as currently they received at least 20 applications for each rental property that they put on the rental market. The agent is based in Hornsea.

Progressing nicely

Heron Educational Foundation are very pleased with the progress that has been made and they’ve had their first project meeting with the builders, contractor and engineer. They continue to hold pProject meetings with the CLH community led housing advisorAdvisor and RHE rural housing enabler from East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

by Peter Hirschfeld, Community Led Housing Advisor, Humber and Wolds Community Action