Blue Monday, jarmies and the hope of community led housing

The internet says that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year. But is that the case? Well, on this year’s Blue Monday, Community Led Homes North Yorkshire and East Riding’s very own Angela Walmsley was determined to buck the trend.

Apparently today is Blue Monday – a day in the new year when the psychologists and statisticians tell us we’re more likely to hunker down, remain in our jarmies and sob into our cups of tea for the day.

Well, quite frankly (and call me stubborn) but that kind of talk just makes me more determined to dig my heels in, laugh in the face of my own melancholy and crack on with my day in a positive and productive way. (Buoyed by a pint of tea and some jammie dodgers obviously).

What I love most about the job that I do is that it’s full of hope. I see the power of communities every day and how the spark of an idea can lead to life changing positive actions. Of course, there are obstacles along the way, and in the world of community led housing, those obstacles can seem pretty big at times! But the commitment and determination of the groups that we work with demonstrate that, with a shared vision and the right support, ground breaking changes are made that change people’s lives and help individuals and communities to thrive.

The change that you want to see happen in your community can start with you, because every great plan starts with the sharing of an idea… a conversation, a ‘what if we could…’ and with that comes endless possibilities.

The process of community led housing can be daunting, but we’re here to support you at each step along the way; to listen, guide and signpost you to professionals who can help you achieve your vision and to inspire you with examples of projects that have already achieved what they set out to do.

If you’d like to start a community led housing project, or make contact with people already going through the process, get in touch by emailing or calling 01904 904177.

Alternatively, why not join our workshop ‘What is community led housing?’ – you may just be inspired to start your own project!